What is the greatest compliment?

I have finally let go of my hatred to other cake manufacturers that copy our products. I have changed my way of thinking and decided to embrace this as a compliment. There are so many manufacturers that copy our ORIGINAL ideas including the name to try and steal some of our business. The only problem I still have in all of this, that is NONE of the other cake manufacturers do the cakes justice. All they do is fill them with cheaper crap and try to flog them as being “As good as Epicurean Kitchen” which most businesses realise it’s not once their customers complain.

Mort “The Original Mortal Sin Cake” which has been copied by many and still no one can achieve the full explosion of flavour that comes with each separately prepared layers. I could go on about the slow baked NY cheesecake on a chocolate biscuit crumb base or the hand folded couverture chocolate mousse which is done like this so its dense and rich in flavour or our own caramel sauce that is whipped and then added to cream and whipped again so its light but no to light like whipped cream. See each of these layers takes time and it’s something we have done since it was introduced to the world back in 1998.

Its quite interesting when new national retail cake suppliers are copying your product, I think this means that our Original Mortal Sin Cake must be catching the attention of some much bigger players.

All in all if it’s not an Epicurean Kitchen made “Mortal Sin Cake” then I’m sorry to say you wont really enjoy the real thing and only a cheap nasty copy.


It’s an Epicurean Christmas…

Christmas is approaching and all that’s on our mind is the feast that goes along with it… Endless amounts of food atop the table and an exquisite set of desserts to make everyone’s trouser buttons pop. It’s 2016, who has the time to whisk around the kitchen and prepare all of that whilst also staying sane, only the 50’s housewives we see on TV.

Ordering some of Epicurean’s new & improved Christmas range is certain to take the weight of your shoulders this christmas…


For the kids we have the, It’s a Kid’s Christmas Cones

Our marshmallow filled cones are covered in green chocolate and finished with sprinkles and a yellow star. Make a wish and gobble it down.

Serves 6, Size – 120g, Life-3 days (longer if refrigerated), Storage Temp-Ambient

All Things Chrimg_9693istmas Cupcakes

These cupcakes come in a box of 6 and feature a buttercream Christmas tree, Santa hat and Christmas holly, perfect for anyone who wants creamy buttercream icing during the Christmas. This is a great way to stay in theme and have your cake too. Available in individual flavours of 6 to a box or a mixed dozen box

Serves 6 or 12, Size – 120g, Life-3 days (longer if refrigerated), Storage Temp-Ambient

Christmas Sliceimg_9646

A traditional moist and dark Christmas pudding, made from marinated fruits of plums, raisins, currants, sultanas and finished with a dash of whiskey and finished with royal icing and a candied Christmas holly. 

Serves 6, Size – 120g, Life-14 days (longer if stored correctly), Storage Temp-Ambient

Fruit Mince Tartsimg_9639

Our very own sweet pastry also filled with our own marinated minced fruits baked with a pastry Christmas star.

Serves 6, Size – 7cm, Life-2 months (longer if stored correctly), Storage Temp-Ambient

Decorated Christmas Puddingimg_9894

A traditional moist and dark Christmas pudding, made from marinated fruits of plums, raisins, currants, sultanas and finished with a dash of whiskey and finished with royal icing a glace cherry and buttercream icing holly leaves.

Serves 6, Size – 100g, Life-2 months (longer if stored correctly), Storage Temp-Ambient


Christmas Pudding Wrapped in Calico

A traditional moist and dark Christmas pudding, made from marinated fruits of plums, raisins, currants, sultanas and finished with a dash of whiskey. Perfect when served warm with custard and cream. This is a great gift for someone or take it home for yourself.

Serves 6, Size – 75g, Life-2 months (longer if stored correctly), Storage Temp-Ambient

Christmas Puddings

A traditional moist and dark Christmas pudding, made from marinated fruits of plums, raisins, currants, sultanas and finished with a dash of whiskey. Perfect when served warm with custard and cream, can’t stop at one.

Serves 6, Size – 75g, Life-2 months (longer if stored correctly), Storage Temp-Ambient

Young Man’s Drunken Fruit Cakeimg_9664

A real treat for some, a small square fruit cake heavily doused in whiskey for that perfect Christmas fruit cake taste. Finished off with fruits, nuts and another shot of whiskey.

Serves 2-6, Size – 400g, Life-2 months (longer if stored correctly), Storage Temp-Ambient


Old Man’s Drunken Fruit Cake

A real treat for many, a round fruit cake, heavily dosed in whiskey for that perfect Christmas fruit cake taste. Finished off with fruits, nuts and another shot of whiskey.

Serves 8-10, Size – 8 inch, Life-2 months (longer if stored correctly), Storage Temp-Ambient

Gourmet Christmas Cakeimg_9666

This epicurious delight has a unique mix of marinated fruits and nuts including exotic figs, apricots, macadamia nuts and a good lashing of Grand Marnier. This rolls Royce of cakes is finished off with handmade macadamia marzipan. 

Serves 8-10, Size – 8 inch, Life-21 days (longer if stored correctly), Storage Temp-Ambient

Petite’s – What’s the go?

Our 2016 development of the Petite’s range is just what your storefront needs this summer. There are a wealth of reasons why the Petite’s are charming and delicious and a small but enormous asset to any business.

The Petite’s come in a range of delicious flavours, taking the most imperative features from the already existing product and gloriously transforming it into a small, bite-sized snack! There are Lemon, Lemon Meringue, Mixed Nut, Passionfruit, Raspberry and Salted Caramel Petites, all satisfying that desire for an in-between, sweet treat.

img_1114Advantageously speaking, the range are the perfect intermediate between a sugar craving and a nibble, an appetite for dessert but an appreciation for pint-sized things. Like those mini food tutorials that make people who hate cooking, want to cook. It’s a powerful concept, turning things tiny, often increasing the desire to obtain something if it is reduced to a minuscule state, thus portraying the value this range can add to your restaurant, cafe, event or gut.

All jokes aside, the Petite range highlight all the good parts of our signature products and can be brought together in a Mixed Petite’s Box valued at $20, containing 6 of those cute dessert bites.

Click the photo to be transported to a gallery of acute desserts.

New Goodsome product?…



Adding to our uber healthy and on-trend range of “goodsome” desserts, our genius chefs have come up with tantalising biscotti in a range of flavours, topped with coconut and stone fruits. 


The biscotti contains a mixture of wholemeal flour, nuts, seeds and cranberries, agave and raspberries to sweeten… topped with some wholesome love that gives back and nourishes your body with bunches of flavour.






4 Reasons why cake is good for you…


Just because it tastes so good, doesn’t mean it’s all good right?

Wrong – there are many health and psychological benefits that come with this fantastic dessert which will make you feel less guilty tonight when you sit down with a slice of Mortal Sin and tea!

1. It makes you happier

All jokes aside, there are serious benefits to your mental health from such a treat! Scientists in Belgium discovered that people’s emotions were calmed when presented with a fatty drip rather than a saline drip, which is saying that cake really does comfort us!


2. Cake can come in many forms…

There are all types of cakes that we can try, some vegan options, clean options, differing flavours… the possibilities are endless! Therefore, you never get sick of the taste and can always expand your horizons with healthy and naughty cakes too.


3. It’s a great social food

Having a slice of cake or some other treats on display whilst entertaining is the perfect conversation topic and setting whilst conversing with guests. It makes their experience better too remembering such delicious baby cheesecakes from our very kitchen!


4. Our new goodsome range is actually good for YOU!

The Goodsome foods range is delicious and healthy too, Goodsome has brought to you a Wholegrains range and a Simple Chocolate cake which you can learn about in our previous blog post. Eating cake every night has never been cleaner!


Thus, if these reasons didn’t convince you to hop on over to our website and order some deliciousness right now, then head to our Facebook or Instagram page for some mouth-watering pictures of our prized products. So what will it be… Cake tonight?

Why Goodsome?

IMG_0843 (1)IMG_0893

What’s so goodsome about our brand new goodsome range? Well, these days it hard to find a dessert product that’s handmade, fresh and packed full of goodness, whilst still tasting good. Most products disguise their sugar input by using fake sugars such as ‘sucrose’ or ‘aspartame’, then claiming that the foo d has 0% sugar but is packed full of artificial sugar substitutes. 

This is why here at Epicurean Kitchen we have strived to create a product that is simple, delicious and clean so there’s no guilty feeling afterwards! With as little as 19 grams of carbs in our Simple Chocolate Cake and only three ingredients, there’s no going wrong with a cup of tea and some cake after dinner.

Our delicious Wholegrains range is encompassing the current trends of grain products and stone fruits. Produced from a simple meal, nuts and seeds and topped with berries, pepita seeds and various stone fruits, all unprocessed and kind to your body.

So before you go to buy the ‘low carb, no sugar’ muffin from the supermarket, check the ingredients and try our new Goodsome range.

Does branding work?

I guess, this is a question for other businesses reading this.

Companies spend millions in advertising, advertorials, promotions and giveaways, just to convince the customer that their product is better.

Most people tend to believe the hype surrounding an ad campaign and are usually swayed into trying the product, but next time they go shopping……. Will they buy the same product. Branding doesn’t always work, I guess it’s upto the individual business. You could have the best marketing team, but if the quality is not always consistent then you might be throwing away money on useless advertising.

One very smart person told me once the consistent quality is the key to on going business, it doesn’t matter if that’s to a small group of people or to the masses. Consistency means your product is always the same, this is important as the consumer wants to make sure that it tastes, performs and even leaves them with the same satisfying finish. This relates not just to food but anything you provide. Just remember keep it the same as always and customers will keep coming back.

Epicurean Kitchen has always strived for consistent quality and we have products that have not changed their recipe in over 35 years, the reason is because they still work, the minute we do we will be notified by our customers who always insist on the same quality.

Epicurean Kitchen “the taste your customer come back for”

EK Logo 1


Does healthier taste better?

This seems to be a myth amoung most people, their perception of “If it tastes great then it cant be good for you” is not all correct.

Then you have others making health claims by filling their products with artificial sweeteners or even plant based chemically made natural sweeteners, all crap if you ask me.

Why cant most people find a natural healthy alternative treat that contains only natural raw out of the ground ingredients that are mixed and baked (not fried) into real extremely tasty treats?



Beware of cheap

It seems that everyday in business we are trying to cut costs to keep us afloat.

But many businesses base their cost cutting on cheaper products, cheaper ingredients and less labour. This sometimes works but mainly ends up destroying a business. What business owners seem to forget is service and consistent quality is the basis of most successful businesses. These days the consumers carefully spends their dollars in places where the food is consistently great, the quality is always perfect and where the service is always exceptional. These key factors is what makes one business succeed over the others, NOT buying a cheaper cake or cut of meat. The food industry has such a huge mark up that buying cheaper could be the difference between saving a few cents or the possibility of losing your regular customer. These customers would normally spend every lunch or every second lunch at your business and now their looking for a place where the quality and service matches their needs

Losing sales means losing money and losing money means cost cutting, this is the beginning of the end for your business.

Mortal Sin Cake – Beware of copy cats

Our Original Mortal Sin Cake has been copied that many times that I have lost count.

I am sick of our cake manufacturers copying what we create. What upsets me even more is their copies are made of noting but the cheapest garbage that they can put together and call it a cake. Over the years Our Original Mortal Sin Cake has increased in price due to rising ingredient costs. But instead of cheapening Our Original Mortal Sin Cake we just had to increase the price to maintain the quality that our customers have come to expect.

There is cheaper “crap” out their if price is all you care about.

Here’s the breakdown between Epicurean Kitchen’s Original Mortal Sin Cake and everyone else’s crap.


The base is made of ground biscuit with 22/24 Dutch Cocoa – not cheap and fake grounded dark biscuit crumb.

The cheesecake layer is from our Baked New York Cheesecake – not some fake cold set jelly type cheesecake.

The Chocolate layer is hand folded dense dark coverture chocolate mousse – not some whipped compound chocolate.

The Caramel layer is real caramel whipped and mixed with cream – not a caramel fake flavour in cream.

All in all nothing gets close to the Original Mortal Sin Cake and nothing every will.