Does branding work?

I guess, this is a question for other businesses reading this.

Companies spend millions in advertising, advertorials, promotions and giveaways, just to convince the customer that their product is better.

Most people tend to believe the hype surrounding an ad campaign and are usually swayed into trying the product, but next time they go shopping……. Will they buy the same product. Branding doesn’t always work, I guess it’s upto the individual business. You could have the best marketing team, but if the quality is not always consistent then you might be throwing away money on useless advertising.

One very smart person told me once the consistent quality is the key to on going business, it doesn’t matter if that’s to a small group of people or to the masses. Consistency means your product is always the same, this is important as the consumer wants to make sure that it tastes, performs and even leaves them with the same satisfying finish. This relates not just to food but anything you provide. Just remember keep it the same as always and customers will keep coming back.

Epicurean Kitchen has always strived for consistent quality and we have products that have not changed their recipe in over 35 years, the reason is because they still work, the minute we do we will be notified by our customers who always insist on the same quality.

Epicurean Kitchen “the taste your customer come back for”

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