How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party

Tis the season for festive dinner parties and endless gatherings of friends and family. Perhaps it is your turn to host or to provide desserts, if so, we have got you covered.

The first thing you need to do is organise a guest list, try to choose people that you know will get along and remove the possibility of awkward dinner table chat and arguments about politics…

After you’ve deliberated your guest list, it’s super important to send out invites as the holiday season is jam-packed with events and obligatory functions. Be sure to include any additional information about a possible theme/pot-luck type of dinner.

Furthermore, the menu is a fundament for the gathering, so to start, identify any dietary requirements of your guests and then start to plan. Try to make the menu seasonal and interwoven, you wouldn’t want to serve a fresh fruity appetiser and a broth – it just wouldn’t go! Ensure that the menu also coordinates with the dessert, the most important part. It’s Christmas, people want to indulge and put their summer bodies on hold and any of Epicurean’s new and improved Christmas range would work perfectly at any dinner party. Try our Christmas slice or pudding and there’s even some cupcakes and Christmas themed mallow cones for the kids!

Once you’ve organised all of the above, it’s the perfect time to deck the table! Scout your local dollar stores for simplistic items such as glassware and candles. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a few statement pieces for the table… Pinterest always comes in handy!

Now on the day, bust out the Christmas bangers, dress up & drink up! Our guide to the perfect dinner party will be sure to make your event a success!


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