Is Imitation the Highest Form of Flattery?

It’s hard to invent new ideas so we tend to innovate. Take existing ideas and throw your twist on them. The dessert industry is the same. Cakes and slices and treats are innovated every day with flavours and concepts that exceed the common imagination, but imitation goes both ways.

Companies with the same nature as Epicurean Kitchen often take ideas from our cakes and create their own. There is little problem with that except when they fail to meet the same standards of our product. Our iconic Mortal Sin cake is the most thieved idea among many cake shops, imitating the stratigraphic format. The four layers consist of a crumbly chocolate biscuit base topped with a smooth baked cheesecake layer, a dense hand folded mousse on top of that and the final layer is rich butterscotch cream.

It is no doubt that the cake has been copied and copied for years, but some fail to imitate. Which causes confusion and can ultimately damage the reputation of the glorious cake.

Perhaps it is the greatest compliment, but always strive for the best.

(And by that we mean, click the link below to buy the OG Mortal Sin!) Because it would be ungodly not to…

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