Petite’s – What’s the go?

Our 2016 development of the Petite’s range is just what your storefront needs this summer. There are a wealth of reasons why the Petite’s are charming and delicious and a small but enormous asset to any business.

The Petite’s come in a range of delicious flavours, taking the most imperative features from the already existing product and gloriously transforming it into a small, bite-sized snack! There are Lemon, Lemon Meringue, Mixed Nut, Passionfruit, Raspberry and Salted Caramel Petites, all satisfying that desire for an in-between, sweet treat.

img_1114Advantageously speaking, the range are the perfect intermediate between a sugar craving and a nibble, an appetite for dessert but an appreciation for pint-sized things. Like those mini food tutorials that make people who hate cooking, want to cook. It’s a powerful concept, turning things tiny, often increasing the desire to obtain something if it is reduced to a minuscule state, thus portraying the value this range can add to your restaurant, cafe, event or gut.

All jokes aside, the Petite range highlight all the good parts of our signature products and can be brought together in a Mixed Petite’s Box valued at $20, containing 6 of those cute dessert bites.

Click the photo to be transported to a gallery of acute desserts.

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