Blackberry And Apple Flan

Blackberry And Apple Flan

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Blackberry And Apple Flan


Apple (26%), Blackberry (22%), Flour (100% Wheat Flour), Castor Sugar (Sugar), Pilot Cake Margerine, Desiccated Coconut (Coconut, Preservative (223)), Brown Sugar (Cane Sugar), Shredded Coconut (100% Coconut), Baking Powder (Rice Flour, 36% Phosphate Aerator, Sodium Bi-carbonate)

Allegen Statement

contains wheat, may contain trace amounts of nuts


ITEM          PER SERVE            PER 100g
Energy:    3240kJ (774Cal)     1230kJ (293Cal)
Protein:   8.0g                       3.0g
Fat:          46.5g                      17.6g
Sat. Fat:   29.0g                         11.0g
Carbs:      80.4g                       30.4g
Sugar:      54.7g                      20.7g
Sodium:  435mg                       164mg
Size:        26cm
Serves:    14
Serve Size: 264g
Shelf Life:  5 Days       Storage Temp:  < 5 Degress