Cajun Chicken Filo

Cajun Chicken Filo

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Cajun Chicken Filo


Chicken Breast (33%), Cajun Spices (1%) (Spices, Herbs, Salt, Vegetable powders, Natural flavours, Rice, Cereal, Anti-caking Agents(551)),Milk Powder, water, Filo pastry (Wheat flour, water, wheaten cornflour, Salt, vegetable shortening, antioxidant(319), Colour(160a), Preservative (potassium sorbate 202),Vegetable oil (Soybean oil, Anti-oxidant (319&320),Antifoam (900a)), Plain Flour(Wheat Flour),Egg and Paprika

Allegen Statement

contains wheat, egg, milk, may contain trace amounts of fish, sulphite, sesame seed, soy, tree nut, lupin


ITEM          PER SERVE            PER 100g
Energy:    1830kj     655kj
Protein:   26.3g                       9.4g
Fat:          19.3g                      6.9g
Sat. Fat:   9.2g                         3.3g
Carbs:      39.8g                       14.2g
Sugar:      7.3g                      2.6g
Sodium:  987mg                       352mg
Size:        12cm
Serves:    3
Serve Size: 280g
Shelf Life:  5 Days       Storage Temp:  < 5 Degrees