Pear And Raspberry Bread

A fruit filled loaf of pears and raspberries

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A fruit filled loaf of pears and raspberries


Diced Apple (Apples, Water, Preservative (223, 202)), Sugar, Flour (100% Wheat Flour), Egg, Sour Cream (*), Vegetable Oil (Vegetable Oil (Contains Soya Bean Oil)), Pear Halves (6%) (Pear Halves, Water, Sugar), Raspberry (3%), Essence, Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate (500).), Baking Powder (Rice Flour, 36% Phosphate Aerator, Sodium Bi-carbonate)

Allegen Statement

contains wheat, egg, milk, soy, may contain trace amounts of nuts


ITEM          PER SERVE            PER 100g
Energy:    2390kJ (572Cal)     1260kJ (301Cal)
Protein:   7.6g                       4.0g
Fat:          28.6g                      15.1g
Sat. Fat:   9.9g                         5.2g
Carbs:      70.1g                       36.9g
Sugar:      43.5g                      22.9g
Sodium:  105mg                       55mg
Size:        2kg
Serves:    12
Serve Size: 190g
Shelf Life:  3 Days Longer If Refrigerated       Storage Temp:  Ambient Temperature