So What’s the definition of “The greatest compliment?”

I have finally let go of my hatred to other cake manufacturers that copy our products. I have changed my way of thinking and decided to embrace this as a compliment. There are so many manufacturers that copy our ORIGINAL ideas including the name to try and steal some of our business. The only problem I still have in all of this, is that NONE of the other cake manufacturers do our cakes justice. All they do is fill them with cheaper crap and try to flog them as being “As good as Epicurean Kitchen” which most businesses realise it’s not the case once their customers complain about their cakes not tasting like ours.

Mort“The Original Mortal Sin Cake” which has been copied by many and still no one can achieve the full explosion of flavours that come with each separately prepared layers. I could go on about the slow baked NY cheesecake on a chocolate biscuit crumb base or the hand folded couverture chocolate mousse which is done like this so its dense and rich in flavour or our own caramel sauce that is whipped separately and then added to cream and whipped again so its light but not to light like whipped cream. See each of these layers takes time and it’s something we have done since it was introduced to the world back in 1998.

Its quite interesting when a national retail cake shop copies your product, I think this means that our Original Mortal Sin Cake must be catching the attention of some much bigger players, still it looks like crap and I can guarantee that it wont taste anything like ours.

All in all if it’s not an Epicurean Kitchen made “Mortal Sin Cake” then I’m sorry to say you wont experience the real thing but only a cheap nasty copy.


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